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Protection of Privacy

The protection of your privacy – especially in evaluation surveys – is one of our first concerns!

Therefore we have designed the survey system in a way that you remain completely anonymous in all evaluations. Furthermore you can comprehend the anonymity of your participation yourself.

  1. The paper tokens picked from a pool of tokens by yourself are obviously anonymous.
  2. The tokens sent by email are connected to the email accounts only for login and distribution purposes (including reminder mails). After the participation deadline these data are immediately deleted.
  3. If you are not willing to use the token supplied by email, you can return it in the SCI and pick a new token from a pool of tokens (see #1).

The informations you enter into the VLU system are stored for statistical analysis. However, there is no traceable reference to participants in the evaluations or after the participation deadline. Treat the tokens (paper or email) and login credentials confidential for your own good and avoid comments that expose your identity to others.

Access data (IP addresses of the users) are stored only for analysis of technical problems for a maximum of 4 working days. They are never assigned to the entries made by users.

If you have further questions about privacy, please contact Dr. Joachim Thees (

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